Sunday, June 19, 2011

Elizabeth Moult

About Liz

    Liz has been typing since she was four years old and started writing poetry and short stories when she was a small child. 

   In the 1980's she became an environmental advocate, writing letters to politicians advocating that we start cleaning up our world. 

   In 1998, after a friend gave her an old computer, she started writing novels.

   In 2001 she started taking a novel writing course and in 2006 started taking screenwriting courses.

   She is now the author of over thirty nine various writing projects, was nominated for three separate prestigious awards, and has a world wide readership on two of her blogs.

   Liz is not affiliated with any organization be it environmental, religious, political or other. In fact, she's forming her own religion, so stay tuned.

   Between 2001-2010 her computer was hacked into by Joan Oliver of CSIS and her intellectual property given to Rose Hustins who gave it away to producers without securing the rights or using her name resulting in theft of intellectual property.

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Published Novels

Notice to minors under 18 years of age: 
This blog contains adult information that may not be suitable for young views,
viewer discretion is advised.


1. Doves and Angels  Nick is a photo-journalist who goes to Kosovo to report about the war, experiences  a weird spiritual encounter and writes about world peace


2.  Dances in the Colombian Moonlight  Jessica goes on assignment to Colombia, accidently falls in love with an alleged drug king and has to choose between her professional ethics and her love for the sexy Mexican. 

3. Seduction of the Soldier  As global leaders debate what to do about the on-going problem with the leader of Iraq a group of individuals have ideas of their own. 

4.  Freeing Wild Horses  Two ranchers are in a dispute over wild horses that have always roamed between the two properties.  Despite the conflict, they manage to find true love. 


5. Oscar and Fluffy's Adventure to Fairyland, Wetlands and Citizenship   A youth novel about fairies, good citizenship and wetland protection.

(this novel is now published under pen name Lilly Mae Hastings)

In Development: 

I have joined forces with a production company from the U.K. and we have formed... 

...the 'Oscar and Fluffy Company'which will be the parent company for the Oscar and Fluffy's Adventures to Fairyland.  

We now have an animation company lined up as well. 

Coming soon:  


6.   My Grandfather's Murder


7.  The Sea 


8. Christmas at Home 

(this novel is now published under pen name Lilly Mae Hastings)


Liz also took drama classes as a child and teen.  



   Producers, please ask to see Liz's screenplay page.  


Thank You

Thank you to all the people in the literary field who have helped me out over the years.
 I am the creative writer that I am because of you.

Also, thank you to all the relatives, family members and friends who have helped out with computer supplies and your positive emotional support. You know who you are and non of this would have been possible without your assistance so thank you so much.  



  Saving Planet Earth:   A blog about building sustainable communities, global warming and other interesting stuff.  



    Liz is also an independent distributor for Shaklee Canada.  Health and Wellness products. 


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  Liz on Twitter:!/misty581 

  Liz is a member of the group:     'How Can we Stop Outrageous Government Spending'.  


Note: If you're a producer and received any creative writing from Rose Hustins please be informed that it was probably written by Elizabeth and illegally obtained by Joan Oliver of CSIS tapping into her computer, giving her property to Rose, then them both lying about it.  Rose eventually confessed to doing this, after lying about it for years, and threatening Elizabeth on three separate occasions,  but she STILL refuses to provide Elizabeth with a list of what all has been given away.  Elizabeth asked CSIS for a list of what all Rose had access to but they refused to provide one as well.

The RCMP lawyer who was assigned to Liz by their commissioner told her that what they did was illegal but she dropped all charges against them because it was evident that Rose suffers from some type of mental disorder (she's crazy).  

After fourteen years of dealing with the production industry it is my conclusion that all movie contracts should include the following clause:  'Any writer (s) who contribute to said script, will be given appropriate recognition and credits. No writer shall be left out if their work is part of the contribution. The percent paid to the writers is to be divided and paid out to each writer on a per ratio basis to each individual writer as per their individual contribution to the project as agreed upon by all writers and producers.'  

Liz does not have any IMDB credits because certain producers in the production business have no clue how to secure the rights to someone's intellectual property and certain other individuals think that it is okay to hack into someone's computer and give their intellectual property away without using their name. At least six or seven of her creative projects have been turned into movies (maybe more) but  thanks to these people, Liz has zero credits.  May Karma be kind to them all. And thanks to CSIS for allowing Joan Oliver into her computer without her consent.